Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Well-known comics content creator, veteran and past Legion of Super-Heroes penciller Christopher Taylor has embarked on an unorthodox pitch to DC Comics.
The project is unsolicited. The project is unapologetically diverse.
   The project invites hardcore Legion fans throughout social media to weigh in, and more importantly, to write in to DC Comics directly. It’s an exercise that intentionally breaks the rules. It’s an exercise in galvanizing fans in a unique way.
    From the onset, this was a experiment. The aim was to develop a long form single story focusing on the Legion, a comic book franchise that’s more than 40 years old and retains some of the most passionate and critical fans in all of fandom.
    This presentation was unique, utilizing the social media platforms Tumblr and DeviantArt, to visually - almost organically - present story ideas along with corresponding character designs while simultaneously engaging fans on various Facebook Legion fan sites (including this blog’s complementary page).
    At two years and counting without a monthly published Legion title from DC, hardcore fans are voracious for new Legion-centric content. So this almost-daily new content, although not official canon, released over a two-month period by a professional past Legion creator, was met with an overwhelmingly favorable response.
    This culminated with a presentation that was well-designed and took full advantage of past Legion, Wildstorm and current New 52 DC multiverse continuity. It also invited fans, both old and new, to Tweet, use Tumblr and message DC Comics directly to let their voices be heard.
    The question remains … in a environment where unsolicited pitches are frowned upon by the editorial status quo, as in “don’t come to us… we’ll come to you,” can creators use new social media tools to win over fans, and petition the legitimacy of their projects? Or does this path remain a delusional quixotic pursuit?
    Whether you like his concepts or not, Christopher Taylor is the only comic book professional around who gives a damn enough about the Legion to devote his time and energies to rejuvenating the title. It’s more than can be said of the writers of recent Legion tie-ins, who clearly did not give any thought to Legion continuity. Mr Taylor deserves the support of all Legion fans.
    See more of the pitch here:


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