Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Before the animated Legion of Super Heroes TV series got off the ground in 2006, a style guide was commissioned by the producers so that animators and colorists knew what sort of look to adhere to.
    The guide was put together by Spoon+fork Studio and featured designs by revered comic book illustrator Mike Zeck, most well-known for his work on Shang-Chi, Batman and Punisher.    The product was in the form of a CD and came with a handsome booklet which was essentially 12 images folded up like a concertina into a CD-sized package.

The content included character art, graphic design elements, turnarounds, fonts, banners and iconography.
    As the guide was only distributed to industry members connected to the show, copies of this item are difficult to obtain, although a couple have turned up on Ebay over the years.

    See below for some examples from the guide. 

Bits Boy runs the comprehensive Legion completists’ site Bits of Legionnaire Business.

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